Friday, August 8, 2008

We are ALIVE!

I know I have probably distressed my whole 25 regular viewers by not blogging in a week. But our internet just barely got connected. Here is an update.
My son's favorite perch before we left.
Our new place. We love the front swing.
One of my favorite things in our new place, my pie chest or something. I don't know, it has metal grating on the outside. Since its not in the kitchen, its in the back hallway behind the kitchen, I have a place for all my large appliances. I can now easily access them.
My blender, my popcorn maker, my Bosch, our breadmaker, the griddle, the crockpot.
ps I'm totally indebted to everyone who helped us move, I was totally useless being pregnant, and tired. Especially my two cousins who unpacked my kitchen, and my brother who set up our beds.


  1. Rent, its cheaper based on the market in this state. We figure we are young, and have no idea where we plan to be in 5 years.

  2. Does that breadmaker work very well? I think we didn't have good luck with ours.

    Hooray for the new place! Wish I could have helped!

  3. I think the metal-faced cabinet you are referring to is probably a pie safe.

    They are cool. I hope to have a place for one some day.