Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Last week I read Mississippi Jack book 5 in the Jacky Faber Books. I enjoyed it, part of me didn't want to pick it up because I am ready for the series to be over, I feel the same way about Breaking Dawn. I'm a little annoyed that there are 2 more Jacky books. I enjoyed this one. I thought it was a little more PG-13 then the other books, as far as male and female relations goes, but the book wasn't as dark as 3 or 4. The author seemed to be going darker and darker as the series went on, so I was relieved that Mississippi Jack was much more lighthearted humor. I enjoyed it. If you like the other 4, it is good. But I'm ready for her and Jaimy to finally get married.
This past weekend Netflix sent us Penelope was much better than I expected. I thought it was going to be very predictable, but it surprised both my husband and I. I think he enjoyed it. I did, it was very cute, and clean. I don't think I would buy it but it was a good rental, in my opinion. One I could recommend to anyone. Before I watched it I assumed it was sort of a kid's movie, but it had plenty of plot that would go over a kid's head, without any of it dirty. It was nice to watch a movie that fits for multiple levels, without the adult level being dirty jokes.
This week I read The Fool's Path: A Tale from the Lothemain Legacy, apparently it is a fairy tale redone, I didn't recognize the tale until the very end. My mother sent it to me because it was cheap on Amazon used. In the beginning I started reading it to figure out what fairy tale it was, and in the middle I read it to figure out how the first wife gets hooked back up with the main male lead. And in the end I just had to finish it, even though I could already see the ending. I would hardly ever say it was near my favorites, but obviously had to be interesting, because I read it less than a week. I was really intrigued how the story was going to come together, with the main character spreading his seed all over the country side. The book had a tendency to be a little PG-13.

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