Monday, August 25, 2008

Stories from a Sabbath Day

I taught Relief Society on Sunday, first time I've ever taught anyone over 20. I was subbing, it was Teaching for our Times, Testimony by Elder Oaks. It apparently went well, because I had a lot of comments during the lesson, and lots of women came up to me afterward saying they liked it. I was very nervous before it started, which is unusual because I don't get nervous when I give a talk. But my heart was pounding so fast before I started the baby was doing olympics or something in my belly. I had to run out during the practice hymn because her dance moves were too much for my bladder and I didn't think I could make it another 3o minutes, if she was going to keep this up.
Anyway, my son schedule the past few weeks has been during nursery so I had to give my husband a bag with a pull up and wipes in it just in case (and my son refuses to be potty trained during church). My son saw space in a bag unused and decided to pack a few more things for sacrament meeting. One of which being his bear. His bear was by far the favorite sacrament toy. It was so cute to watch him. He was being very sweet to his bear. During the opening hymn, he leaned his hymn book over to the bear so his bear could sing too. His hands looked very uncomfortable with the book, so I moved the bear to his lap, which made my son smile. They sang together. During the prayers, my son helped his bear fold his arms before he could fold his own. The bear sang every hymn with him and folded his arms for all the prayers.
To end the day off I was talking to my son in the evening on the couch. I asked him if I was his friend he said no. I asked him who was his friend? He responsed with an ehhh. I asked him if the kids in nursery were, he said yes, I asked if his nursery teacher was he said yes. I asked if I wasn't his friend who was I? He said mom. I said which is better friends or mom, he said friends. This made my husband laugh, because he knew I was fishing for complements with no avil. I told my son thats the reason I decided to have baby sister, because everyone told me you wouldn't want to be my friend for long. At first I figured by the time he was a teenager he wouldn't want me as a friend, Teresa told me, her 4 year old already had best friends that weren't her, but I wasn't expecting him to drop me before he was 3. A few minutes later we were talking again, I asked him what he did today. He said go to nursery. I asked what he did there, he said color picture, I said what else, he said play with toys. I said what else, he responsed ehh. I said did have a lesson he said yes, I said what was it on houses? He said yes, homes. Then I asked what else, did you sing? He said yes. Normally our conversations don't go like this but it did yesterday, it helped he knew what I was talking about and I knew what answers to expect. Mind you during his answers he pronounces only about half of the letters.

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