Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Way Too Early

I have been thinking about Halloween lately. I know its way to early to think about costumes, but I'm pregnant, so I have to plan ahead, because you never know I might feel crappy the whole month of October. Plus I can't work hard core on all the christmas presents I have plans of making if I haven't done the Halloween Costume. My fear is my baby will come early and I won't be able to finish the presents or decorate my house for Christmas.
I thought about doing the Rhino this year again, but I decided against it, the sweat suit still fits so I would only have to reattach the horns and ears, but I think I would be disappointed if I didn't make a new one. (His first halloween he was a dinosaur remember.) This year I decided my son was old enough to help me pick a costume to make, so we went through lots of websites and I asked him yes or no, there were plenty I thought were super cute that he said no to. He said no to a monkey, and to this bug from pottery barn. I kept asking about the bug hoping to get a different response.This is what he liked, a dog, a lion, a bee, and a banana.
Last year my husband wanted me to make a banana suit for my son, but I really have no idea how to sew like that. So I think the dream will be given up again.
The costume at this point will be up to what color sweat suit I can find. I would like to do the pottery barn, dog or bug. But my son doesn't like the bug, so I guess it will probably be the dog, the dog seems easier than the lion, and I don't really want to do a bee. (PS I also love the PB hedgehog and butterfly costume, my son didn't like the hedgehog.)

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