Monday, December 10, 2007

Mind exercise

I know all of you have been wondering how my mind works. This next little exercise will give you a glimpse of the madness. My mother got a free subscription to Hallmark with hers so she gave it to me. I'm about 15-20 years too young for it, but it still hasn't run out so I got this this month. Every time I see the cover I see the phrase let's get allergy!
Specifially when I see the bottom of the page, this section, before I can read "let's all get merry!" I see let's get allergy.
My mind picks of these letters and ignores the rest.
This is what my mind see, while the rest of you see let's get merry. Minus all the white blocks.
Now I realize the word allergy is spelled wrong to all y'all but order really makes no difference in my mind, but I rearranged the letters properly for you. So this is what I see.
Just so you know, order makes no matter in mind. I had to teach it to my mind as a young 5th grader in tutoring, how to care about what order people put letters and numbers in. And then I had reteach myself that number order REALLY does matter when you are doing algebra, geometry, calculus etc. In fact I taught myself so well, I actually forget until something like this magazine cover happens, that my mind sees letters before it sees words. And various letters jump out and form new words before I see the original written words. Who would have thought that young little 5th grader who only saw letters not words would have ever got a political science college degree heavy in reading and writing? Life turns out crazy huh?

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