Friday, August 29, 2008

Campagin 2008

If you haven't read my blog for more than a few months, you might not know I can be very opinionated about politics. More than opinionated they fascinate me. I love the social sciences, not just political science, psychology, sociology, anything that studies people's behavior. So polsci combined to of my interests, politics and the study of people. (That's why I liked my political theory so much, reading things like Plato's Republic, and Machiavelli's Prince, if it wasn't for my offspring I would have spent more time studying theory, but I didn't have time.) I lately find this election fascinating. I got bored with back in early spring. None of the republicans were worth writing home about, so either Obama or Hillary was going to win. Really how could the republicans fight against either of those. And then everyone dropped out other McCain, and I thought pathetic, republicans got stuck with second string, that's my opinion since McCain already lost a primary. (By the way I am neither democrat or republican, I don't like either party's politics.) Then things got slightly interesting, just because I remember a professor of mine talking about the current way we do primaries is awful for the parties (it changed a couple of decades ago) because the parties members rip apart each other when, they should be building up the party so the public like them. So I found the bitter rivalry between the democrats very interesting. We (my husband and I) thought Hillary would win the primary and pick Obama as a running mate, but even beyond the numbers the primary took too much of a toll for that to happen. I kind of wonder what was going to happened, but part of me had already lost hope in our political climate. My husband didn't believe any of the polls saying McCain actually had a chance against Obama. I didn't really know what to think, I mean I did take Stats so know poll figures mean absolute nothing, anything can be proved with stats. But Obama has seemed to lose some of the fire he had a year ago. Then it all changed! I felt like a giddy sophomore studying at USU again, when Obama picked Joe Biden for a running mate. I sort had stopped paying attention to what was happening, so I was shocked. Someone to counter McCain-- old with military experience. Oh but that giddiness was nothing in comparison to when my husband sent me this article. Oh!! McCain picking a mostly unknown woman, Sarah Palin as a running mate, to counter Obama, young and a minority (female). Who could have guessed politics would get so fun again! Plus someone for drilling in Alaska. (Not that I'm for drilling, I just found it an interesting twist. I'm not really agaisnt drilling, I have no opinion except it won't fix anything.) Not to mention it made me very happy that he didn't pick Romney. Utah newspapers thought this was Romney's big chance. I had just read an article how Gov. Huntsman said it was totally Romney. (I don't like Romney because I don't want people associating my religion with his politics. I'm sure he is good standing in the church, but that doesn't mean I want people to think Mormons=Romney, because it doesn't.) Oh I wonder how things will work out. I can't wait to find out even though I want neither for my president.


  1. I spent my whole morning watching various news stations reporting on the new McCain + Palin announcement. I agree on two points. (1) FASCINATING. I love how each party thought the best way to win was to equal what the other party offered. Shouldn't one of them try to exceed the other in some way? (2) I don't think Obama or McCain are the best candidates for President. Although, I was pretty disillusioned several months ago with who even threw their hat in the ring.

    CONCLUSION: It will be a fun election to watch, and one for the history books. I don't think,however, this election holds the solution for America's current problems. We'll need to wait another 4 years for actual resolution.

  2. Lesli,
    I found your blog on Jenny Rosenlof's blog. I am formally Amber Minson. You and Jenny were the first people that I met at church when I moved to Texas. (If you don't remember who I am.) Your son is adorable.

  3. hmmm, I didn't find it all that interesting but your enthusiasm is rubbing off a bit.
    I thought Sarah was totally against drilling and wanted to save Alaska's wildlife and stuff. That should be interesting because I think McCain is for drilling.