Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Favorite thing

My favorite thing about newborns is the baby nightgowns.

I'm already starting to stock up. I got this one, before I was pregnant. Got two more the other day. That means I know have 5, because Jobo had two. The 3 new ones are unisex, so I kind of want to get a purple one or something girly. I really love the baby nightgowns. I would only put a newborn in them if I had a choice.
Thank goodness Alisa bought some for me the first time I was pregnant.
Look how cute he is in his baby nightgowns.
The saddest thing is its almost impossible to find them beyond 3 months.


  1. unless your baby is freakishly skinny and still fits into newborn size stuff like my baby :) he still is rockin the nightgown at 4 months and counting

  2. I don't like baby nightgowns, they just didn't work for me, I think I've got a little girly one here that I'll remember not to pack up with the infant clothes so you can have it.

  3. I have so many girly nightgowns! I went crazy buying like new ones at garage sales and then I got even more with gifts. I wish I had access to my storage in Iowa or I would send them all to you. Girls are fun. I'm excited for you! When exactly are you due? My Sarah was born on Dec. 23rd. Hope you're feeling well!

  4. December 9th, my sister is sending me a bunch of stuff, and apparently she has more stuff than 3 girls would need, but I would happy to take yours pam since you don't want it.