Monday, June 4, 2012


I've realized there is four types of people:

  1. People who don't go on vacation
  2. People who go on getaway destination vacations
  3. People who drive to families houses
  4. And those who save for religious travel 
I've never met people in the last category but I'm sure they exist because I've heard many stories of those people.  Not to mention the internet seems to think millions of people travel to Mecca each year.
One day my husband plans on being like #2.  But instead we are just the people who are #3.  I've decided I'm ok with that, for one, my children love cousins, and I think family is one of the most important things in this world.  For two we are frugal people, if it gives my kids a vacation, and doesn't add months on my future car payment, I'm good with that.  (We have to buy a family car next month, we can't fit a third child in my car.) And overall life is all about perspective, I'm just glad we aren't the first category of people.  We just finished our fourth car trip since my pregnancy started.  I'm about all traveled out.  We didn't make it to Ecuador sans kids before the baby came, but really like I said, I'm ok with that because we have more money for the car now, less to pay interest on.  Plus I'm not thirty yet, I've got plenty of time to make it to Ecuador in the prime of my life.

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