Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dilemma of a lifetime

I am super cheap if you didn't know that.  When it comes to summer pajamas my son wears hanes (or off brand) undershirts, and boxers.  That means I can get at least 5 pairs of jammies for less than $20.  Much better than one set at Old Navy for $20, or one set at walmart for $9.
But here is my problem what do I put my daughter in?  At first I thought why not boxers, but she isn't going to wear blue and gray plaid, it isn't beautiful enough.  I'm wracking my brain, I did the same thing last year, I never really came up with a solution, we did undershirts and whatever else.  I tried last night to just put her in a big shirt, but she was very distraught over not wearing pants.  Right now she is sleep in long pants and a long sleeve shirt, but the pregnant woman in me is screaming its so HOT! Sure pajama sets for her are only $7 since she still wears toddler sizes, at least one more year.  She is super petite but I have to put her in 4t shirts, I guess because society likes girls dressing skanky, I don't know.  But now I'm think I might buy some bigger girl (as in not toddler) camisoles, and sew them up with one seam to make them skinnier, and tell her they are nightgowns/ night dresses.  I wonder if she would buy it, or if she would think she needs pants.
By the way I should mention our house has no a/c.
Any good options for cheap and easy (as in less than three seams on the sewing machine) girl jammies out there?


  1. I hate spending money on jammies too, since no one sees them and they are just for sleeping in. I usually make Laura's out of old tshirts, but since I do leggings and a shirt, it takes a little bit of time. I found this on pinterest a weeks ago and I finally got around to making one: http://icandyhandmade.blogspot.com/2011/07/tutorial-pillowcase-nightgowns-take-2.html
    I love it! It was very, very easy to make and it love that it is girly (Laura is a little tomboy so I like to dress her in girly things.) If you don't like the sleeveless look, I have seen similar tutorials on pinterest with sleeves.

  2. My girls just pick something from their drawer to change into that is clean and sleep in them. We like to skip the PJ's around here.