Friday, June 29, 2012

Family Date Night

With all this fire coverage my children have been slightly on edge. My kids aren't stupid, they stood outside with me as we watched the whole sky cover in smoke. They can smell it in the air.  When the west side of our town went on Pre-Evacuation notice we told them (we live on the east side). We said we didn't think it was going to happen, but just in case we needed to get ready to leave, so I we would pack a bag of a few favorite toys.  Of course there was some crying, but he calmed down, and we reassured him we would make sure the whole family was safe, then he relaxed.  All the little one was concerned about is we would be all together, we assured her we would be all together, because we would be in a car stuck in traffic.
My son has actually been more relaxed since we talked them, my daughter more on edge, but she is 3, there is only so much she can understand.
She went hysterical yesterday when she woke up and her daddy was already at work.  She never really likes him to be at work, but normally we only talk about it a few times a week, yesterday it seemed she was always asking where her daddy was. I think she was afraid Daddy left us. As far as the fire is concerned, luckily the weather cooperated yesterday and good progress was made.  It was only 5% contained for days, and days, and yesterday they were able to get it to 15%, and lots of families were able to go home, although as far as property damage it has been the worst fire in our state's history.
So last night when my husband said why don't we go out for dinner, it was perfect.  My children needed a family date night.  They needed a fun adventure away from the house, with the whole family together.  We went out to a pizza place, where I think all they really did was consume lemonade to re-hydrated in this dryness. Then we cashed in their summer reading program coupons for frozen yogurt.  Its one of those places where you pay by weight which I think is perfect, because then they get to pick any toppings they want, and I can give them a small enough amount that they actually can consume it, unlike most ice cream places. Plus I feel like the pricing is so much more reasonable.

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