Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It seems like my whole state is up in flames.  How about yours?  This is what it looks like from my front porch, when wind conditions are favorable for my town. This is what it looked like when I couldn't tell I was breathing the smoke. When the wind isn't favorable, that big black plume is covering the whole sky, every where we look, and it smells like smoke, tastes like smoke, and everything has a dark orange shadow cast on it.
It sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm not, I'm just updating.  How could I complain when I'm in my house?  Considering how many have been evacuated.  Luckily so far they have prevented any property damage in this fire.  Although there has been property damage in a fire a couple of hours north of us.  So far they kept the fire from jumping mountains to the west of us.  This fire is southwest.  Needless to say we are praying for raining, for the firefighters, and all those displaced.  They are predicting this fire won't be out for at least another three weeks.

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