Friday, May 25, 2012

Kindergarten is Over

We have no kindergarten graduation, but today is the last day of school.  On Monday they had a Bear Pride Assembly.  Every child earn exactly one award, and only one award.  They were for different character traits.  When I was in elementary school we did it every 6 weeks, instead of once a year and always listened to the Yellow Rose of Texas, but never the National Anthem. It was years later, like a decade and half before I knew it was the song was the Yellow Rose of Texas, it was instrumental, it sounded like it was recorded back in 1910, and then recorded off an old phonograph on to a tape, and then played on big speakers. It seemed like everyone always got millions of awards at my assemblies.
Anyway, here is J at his, I didn't realize there was an assembly until about 40 minutes prior.  If I would have known, we might have combed his hair, or at least made him wear matching clothes.  We all have our proprieties in life and right now those are not mine.  Mine lately has been the baby quilt, and park days.

 Here he is with his friend.  Thankfully I'm friends with his friend's mom.  I'm not sure I would have survived kindergarten without constantly texting her back and forth.  No kindergarten is not hard, but it is confusing as first time as a parent in public schools.
 And here are the little sisters.  My daughter is almost a year younger than her friend, and then the youngest sister is a less than a year and half younger than my daughter.

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  1. I can't believe he is so old and grown up so fast. Congratulations graduating from Kindergarten!