Thursday, June 28, 2012


We are setting record temperatures here along with having the worst fire in the west currently, plus I don't have a/c.  Being pregnant and all I'm spending a lot of the day staying hydrated.  Even when I'm not pregnant I drink a lot of water.  But with the dryness, the heat, the pregnancy, etc, I'm REALLY drinking a lot.  Yesterday I thought I would track how much, I roughly calculated I drank 150 fluid ounces of water.  You think that was enough?  That is ya know, double what I should be drinking for my current weight.  But that being said, I'm pregnant so I need more, and it is extremely dry up, so I need more.  I'm sure you can guess what I'm doing when I'm not drinking water.

As a last thought, I asked my husband last week should we take bets on how many of my family members who come to the reunion don't listen to me and don't drink enough water and end up with a headache? Here is the thing, we all thing oh I'm fine in Utah, so I'll be fine here.  But no, actually those 3,000 extra feet make a difference. Then again none of my family is coming from Utah, but its none the less the thought process.

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