Monday, June 11, 2012


Remember how I told you that I wasn't happy for a long time that I bought my house?  That I really wanted to rent, and I didn't want the responsibility of home ownership?  And how about six months ago I learned to embrace my house, and learned to appreciate it?
Well something else happened, we've passed our year mark.  School is out for the summer, and we have now gone to church here long enough to see many friends move out of their rental houses.  (We live in a big rental market.)  Oh yes, now I love owning my house.  If we would have rented we would be preparing to move to another rental I'm sure of it, its just how my husband rolls. I love my house.
Especially after my fourth vacation during this pregnant.  Especially being gone for 10 days, I walked backed in, and it was my house.  That being said, if I had the cash I could easily drop 10K on home improvement projects.

P.S. The temperature outside dropped yesterday, and has stayed down.  Its so lovely living somewhere that doesn't stay hot. It dropped 20 degrees, 70 is a wonderful temperature for the summer, especially when I'm pregnant.
The other day my six year old asked me, "mom are you hotter than everyone else because you have a baby in you?"  "Yes, indeed that is the reason."  "So like you have two people's heat instead of one?"  I was surprised at the whole conversation.

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