Friday, June 22, 2012

In due time

Sometimes I wonder how I'll get everything done with a baby in August. Getting school supplies in the beginning of August is must, because that is when they are on sale. But other than that I'm sure things will work out.  Today in the shower I had an epiphany, my children do not need their entire winter wardrobe by the middle of August.  They will still be wearing shorts for another month, or so, after school starts. Plus my son's pants should fit him through October, if not November. I'm sure if its possible it would be fun to have a new shirt or two, but even that, is negotiable, they are young enough they don't even know about getting new clothes before school. Then as I switch the laundry I remember my daughter has a whole box of 4t winter hand me downs.  Ah, blessing. Now I don't have to worry about serious shopping.  A pair of shoes, maybe a pair of pants, and a few new shirts.  I can handle that.
(The reason this justifies a blog post is so I don't forget all this.)

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