Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm just going to update my blog and say pretty much everything I typed last night was wrong.  For some reason I wasn't finding the newest news stories on the internet. Stupid internet, I knew I wasn't I just figured no new news was good news.  I was wrong, and now I know what site to watch. There was a lot structural damage yesterday afternoon.  Apparently my husband at his employment watched the wind shift and instantly homes went up in flames, and they (his co-workers) could all see it.  In the middle of the night, my husband told me if I looked out the window I could see the fire in the city.  Needless to say, we are making preparations for if the fire blows north up to our mountain, and we have to be evacuated.  So far over 32,000 people have been evacuated. 62,000 acres have burned, and we remain at 5% contained, which I figure is actually good, there was a real chance that number could have dropped yesterday. Sadly this is not the only fire burning currently, its just the one closest to home.
I'm not concerned for my family, my heart just bleeds for all those effected so far, and pray for all the firefighters.

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