Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Full Moon

I figured baby #3 would come on the full moon. The first two did.  The second was the full moon, and the first was a few days after since it took a few days to birth him, it was about as close as he could get.  I looked up the full moon date. August 1st and August 31st. My due date is the 16th. I'm pretty sure he is not being born near a full moon.  Bizarrely this does not concern me, which is extremely uncharacteristic for me. I've also wondered if this might mean the hospital won't be over book when I deliver, which might be nice. My first two children were also born during snowstorms. Which means there was absolutely no extra rooms.  Although we have lots of light summer snow, and early fall snow, I doubt it will snow in August, and if it does it won't be a snowstorm.  Maybe a rainstorm... Nonetheless I'm not concerned.
I sort of wondered why it didn't concerned me, maybe because I use to think being induced would be the worst thing in the world.  Plus going late with my son WAS the worst thing in the world, the last thing I wanted was to wait to be induced.  My daughter's pregnancy changed my perspective I was just so relieved she wasn't early or preemie or anything else, that I didn't care she was late. Plus I learned who cares what medical intervention there is as long as we are healthy. Now with this baby, I think actually being induced sounds nice.  I've had pitocin for the other two, it sounds nice to go in and get hooked up on pitocin without dealing with all the contractions that aren't actually progressing.

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