Monday, July 2, 2012

Dry Fourth

As you know my state is burning up.  Luckily they are making progress on the fire.  The east side of my town is no longer on pre-evacuation and the fire is 55% contained.  Hooray! There is still a lot of work to do, the state is still dry and hot, and it costs a lot of money to fight fires.  So, there is no fireworks this year.  I didn't think there would but for the sake of my son, I looked up if anyone near by was having fireworks, I found at least 10 shows canceled.  Not to mention the parade in our town is canceled.  I'm really ok with all this, I'm uncomfortable at home, I could only imagine the parade this year, based on lasts year.  Bleh.  But to a six year old this is all so sad.  So I'm thinking in my brain what would make the day special for him.  He asked isn't there anywhere we can do/see fireworks?  I said on tv, that night.  He seemed to perk up at that.  I also saw some cute treats people made for the fourth of july on pinterest. Like life saver firecrackers and these buckets. Maybe I'll stop by the store without them, and do something special, since there is no parade.  Although he is planning to have his own parade with his sister.  We area also having a BBQ, but all his friends are on vacation so.. well not all, but you know.

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