Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pink Pink and new Pink

We repainted our daughter's room.  I'm so happy, that hot pink was so gruesome.
Want some more befores, here is one and two.

  Not only that it was gruesome to paint over.  All the paint and primer in one, claim they cover anything, problem is, they have too many VOCs and I'm allergic to them. (PS always wondered what was wrong with me, why I was the one girl who didn't like scented candles, or perfumes turns out most have VOCs in them, no wonder I'm allergic.)  We had to prime the walls, the hot pink gloss it was hard to cover, and when you tried to paint over, the primer would peel up.  Blah.  Finally it was cover.  After spending months trying to convince my daughter she wanted a pale blue room, I gave up. She loves pink pink pink.  Right before we pulled out the pink that we had already bought, I said the room would be so lovely if it was blue.  She then walked around talking about her blue room.  I was tempted to go down and buy light blue paint, but I didn't think she would actually like it, and I really didn't want to spend $20 extra dollars.  I could see her in a month asking why her walls weren't pink.  A month ago when we painted our room, I bought her pink. Turns out I did amazing job of picking the color, it is a pale pink, a ballet slipper pink, the room feels so clean, open, fresh and light.  Her room always felt like the dark dirty hot pink cave in the back of the house.  It has a smaller window then the other rooms, but now it is so peaceful and light.  I love it, even if it is pink, it will be perfect for her.  Especially because she has a blue rocking chair, and blue bedspread. Technically I probably would have been happier with even a lighter shade of pink, but this is plenty light.  It is quite pale pink. In fact my husband's friend asked if it was painted pink, or painted white with pink bleeding underneath.  I took this as a complement that I picked such a light pink.
  If you clicked on one and scrolled down, you could see what my style inspirations where for her room a year ago.  Well now that its repainted, I think I actually stayed fairly close to my inspirations, just inverted.

 At first I loved the void of this big empty wall, but now it feels empty, I think I need to hang her alphabet baby quilt back up.

 I do like this empty wall.  I'm trying to debate what to do with the butterflies that use to be on the wall. Part of me loves them, but the other part does not want to mess up the wall, with gluing butterflies on.  I pretty much glued them on the hot pink, I couldn't get them to stay any other way.  With the removal no butterflies were damage, so they are still good, I'm thinking about hanging them from the ceiling with fishing line, I don't know.... I actually don't know if I love the butterflies anymore.
 I especially love it because the room is so clean and uncluttered, unfortunately something must be done, the closet has been in agony since we started painting. Someone please help me come throw away dolls.
I'm so trilled though.  We moved in last year in the beginning/mid- April, and now I just have the basement bathroom to paint!  Hoo-Raw! Now if I only had spending cash for a new car and exterior painting of my house.

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  1. It looks great!! I love the book shelves on the wall.