Friday, April 8, 2011

Girl Room

You should know we have a clear girl room.  
When peek in you think oh the previous owners were enthusiastic about having a daughter.  But its doable, I do have a daughter after all.
 Until you walk in and turn around and then if you know me, you should know a terrible paint job like that will not last in my house. Word to all you out there, that skinny light pink should have been hot pink, or the hot pink door way should have stayed light pink.  Every other color is wrong! Two tone is fine, but alternating is bad.
So the question is what am I going to do with my daughter's room? Obviously I'm going to repaint but how.  Lots went through my head, but I ended deciding I wanted girly, but that could quickly turn boy in case they switch rooms, without repainting. I found these inspirations.
I'm not painting a tree in my daughters room, and one is not actually a bedroom. But I do plan on painting the room a light powder blue and put pink curtains.  We have plenty of pink and light purple bedding so we should be good to go.  Although we have only ever had one children's room, so we need another dresser and a bookcase.  I believe every bedroom should have a fully stacked bookcase. So I'll have to start hitting up thrift stores and garage sales. Then in less than a year we probably should give our daughter a bed, since she still sleeps in a crib.
The best part of the blue is it is currently Nan's favorite color.  She yells "blue!" and the demands it actually be blue,  Its the only color she consistently recognizes with the name.
Lastly my decorating addition other than the curtains is butterflies. She loves butterflies so much, and yes I know its a phase, but it I could inexpensively add them to the room.  I'm either going to stencil butterflies, or get vinyl decals. I think I'm going to get these from amazon. I really like this customer upload on amazon.
But I think stencil could also work, although I can't tell if the second picture has birds or butterflies, I wouldn't use that exact shape.

P.S.  I have lots of plans for my house, and almost a paint chip picked out for every room in the house, and some would say, Lesli you aren't actually going to paint your whole house.  All I can say, is you don't actually know me very well, I would bet I have the whole interior repainted within two years.  Other than maybe the bathrooms. I was raised my a mother who either took us on vacation or paint a room when there is a break from school.


  1. Oh Lesli, I am so excited for you to have your own house! It is sooo fun to have your own place that you can do your own things too, paint and decorate anyway you want. I wanted to tell you about three great cheap butterfly decorations, cause we do lots of butterflies in this home too(actually our bathroom is butterflies and flowers, going to paint the walls a pale yellow this summer). The All-a-Doller Store sells butterfly decals, dollar for two sheets, last time I looked a month ago, they had 3 different varieties, and super cheap! Also, out in blog-land, there are two great butterfly crafts. First is a darling butterfly mobile
    and the second is butterly 3-D wall art
    these are the same site, but they are all over blogland last summer. Just wanted to share with you and say congrats on the new house!!!

    ps, I'm sure you know this, but when out garagesale-ing, remember that ANYTHING can be spray painted!

  2. I found this blog where the girl made her own butterflies... I will try and find it for you. AND you will be amazed at how fast spray paint becomes your best friend when shopping at garage sales and thifting! so fun!!! wish I could come help!!!