Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A few weeks ago, while I was posting pictures of the recently updated rooms in my house, ie recently painted.  I came across a picture of my basement, and realized it looks very different now.  It is more full with furniture in a good way, minus that old box monitor in the right corner. Thought maybe you would like to see it.  

  • The framed picture that did not turn out in the photo is, this printable. "In the Leafy Treetops" in green, I sing that song to my kids all the time, and they always want something different, but my husband seems to enjoy it.
  • My parents brought out the bookcases at thanksgiving time, my parents apparently made them from a prefab kit when they were young married couple.  I grew up with them in my house, and never knew that.  
  • I always surprised at how often my daughter plays in the refrigerator playhouse.
  • While that kid's table my children always have adventures there.
  • Our forty dollar couch, we bought before my daughter was born, one of the best investments.  Its a great TV couch, and it is great shape.  I want to find another great deal like that for my upstairs living room. 
  • Our ottomans, $20 each, terrible investments.  The seams are already ripping.  I need some dark brown duct tape, I know it will be lovely!  But all they sell these days is hot pink and leopard print.
  • Overall I love my house, and my basement. I'll be spending a lot of time in the basement this summer while I'm pregnant with no a/c, luckily our basement stays nice and cool.  

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