Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Perfect Baby Outfit

This blog post is brought you by my 6 year old when he was a newborn, in his cute chicken suit that we bought in Argentina. 

He was not so trilled to be dressed. It was a perfect come home from the hospital outfit, you think I'll be able to find such a perfect outfit this time around?  I need a nice mostly white, casual, boy outfit.  Did you know I'm having a boy. Everyone is very excited for baby brother, just ask the three year old.  In case you don't know what her perfect come home from the hospital outfit looked like, here is
But seriously I'm so confused what you do with a summer baby.  I've had two winter babies, you put a onesies on and socks, a long sleeve sleeper with feet built in and wrap them in a blanket.  What do you do with a baby born in August? I don't think he needs long sleeves and pants to come home from the hospital.

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