Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Master Bed

We repainted our room for MLK day, its a beautiful shade of gray.  I love gray.  Now I'm ready for something about our bed.  We do not have a headboard, and I'm totally ok with that, we have sturdy dressers and I don't want to spend money on not sturdy dressers, and sturdy new dressers with a matching headboard is not in the budget.  At first I thought about making a headboard, I had high dreams of making an upholstered headboard, but that still is $100 in supplies, and work that my husband and I are probably not up too.  Then I thought about a wooden one, but I decided it would be too much unmatched wood in the room.  I was really thinking about getting just a large piece of plywood sanding it down, painting it a darker gray then our room, and just sliding it behind the bed.  Then I thought of all types of art we could hang about it.  Sometimes I had dreams of spending $100+ on reproduced art work at Kohls, they have pictures that match our bedspread, but how long would I really keep my bedspread, it was only $25. Instead of spending that money I thought about framing pictures.  Then I thought about making some art. I also thought about covering canvas, or Styrofoam, I have lots of ideas pinned. Its easy to do canvas or Styrofoam, I've done it in my kitchen, but I didn't want too many busy textiles, our bed is busy. I also realized I didn't really want it looking too clutterly, our dressers tops house a lot of reading material, and we have a collage wall on the other side.  I wanted something nice and simple but I also wanted to have something, to fill the space, then last night I found this in my house inspiration folder on my desktop. I love it.

And, then I thought of this DIY, to make monogram letters. Although not in gold.
Perfect, to use the paper mache letters because I also don't like the thought of anything heavy hanging over our heads while we sleep. Didn't I pick a love shade of gray?! I realize I need a dust ruffle, but guess what I bought maternity white tees instead.
 I'm not actually done with my collage yet, I have a few tweaks.  Also don't mind my craft/sewing desk in its true form.  It totally was not worth cleaning.  I love having a beautiful clean house, but I don't love cleaning, and I would much rather craft even if no what give a flaoo about what I made. Those are all current crafts I'm working on.  Yes, I know I can't sew like that, but I expand all over to my size of the room when crafting, then throw it all back on the desk at the end of the day.
As you can see this room is the master bedroom and office, or maybe bedroom/ hobby room.  I won't ask you to try to count the computers in this room.  I think its a tie with the basement.  Thankfully they invented laptops and flat screens.
What can I say, Brent and I like our hobbies which include reading, which I'm sure was noticeable by the amount of full bookcases that appear in the pictures of our house.  Well I guess the question is do we like reading or are books the one item sanctioned for hording.
One last thing, my friend made this beautiful huge desk, and I wonder would she care if I copied her, but how can I do without spending money.

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