Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Number 3

I'm pretty sure my children are super adorable, and I can't figure out why they don't want to spend more of their day hugging me.  But I keep wondering what will number 3 look like?
Like #1?
Like #2?
Or like some other strange hybrid of my husband and my's genetic code.
I know my son is secretly wishing his baby brother looks like him.
My son has a lot of both of his parents, while my daughter seems to look a lot like my side, but I've found plenty of physical traits from her father.  Its anyone guess how the dna forms.
My only clue is the ultrasound technician told me the baby has a big brain.  (Not in a birth defect, too large way.)  So I assume that means he'll have a nice perfectly round head like his brother and father, none of this teeny narrow head like us girls.
Ahh, waiting...

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