Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FHE this week

Out on the web, there is website after blog about all these family home evening ideas. They give you lessons, diagrams, handouts, coloring pages, and even desserts that fit the theme of the lesson.  Yeah those don't work so well for us.  But last week I got this ingenious plan, at least for my family.  I was finishing up last October's conference edition, yes I'm behind. I got to President Monson's closing remarks.  The last column of it had all these great things that President Monson hopes for us, our families and homes.  I wanted to share it with my kids, but I also wanted them to understand it.  This is the part I focused on:
May we show increased kindness one toward another. May we ever be found doing the work of the Lord.
May heaven’s blessings be with you. May your homes be filled with harmony and love. May you constantly nourish your testimonies, that they might be a protection for you against the adversary.
As your humble servant, I desire with all my heart to do God’s will and to serve Him and to serve you.
I love you; I pray for you. I would ask once again that you would remember me and all the General Authorities in your prayers. We are one with you in moving forward this marvelous work. ... May God give us the strength and the ability and the determination to play our part well.
Then we drew pictures for each of the blessings.  We used scratch paper, and markers, the kids totally got into the pictures, and stayed focus for at least twice as long as normal.  We all had fun, it was so easy, and they were able to internalize what the Prophet said.
For dessert, it didn't tie in with the theme at all.  They asked for cool whip and ice cream cones, I have no idea, I didn't eat it, but they are 6 and 3.

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