Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vacation #1

Back in March we had spring break, we had all sorts of plans, but they were all fizzling to nothing.  But I married a good man, so on Monday night my husband said why don't we just drive to Texas.  So we did!
Saturday morning we left bright and early.  The trip went very slow in the beginning, our GPS, was two hours off, and we couldn't see the car clock, because of drinks (thank you Subaru), but the end was super fast, all of sudden it wasn't 4:30 it was 6:30! The other benefit is we only ate two fast food meals, instead of three since our clock was off.  One of the reasons we moved was so we could drive to both grandma's houses.  If I was a good mommy blogger I would have posted all sorts of fun pictures of everything Grammy did with the kids so they could have a super awesome spring break.  Instead, I won't, remember we talked about this in January I don't want to be a super awesome mommy blogger.  But I will tell you what we did, my husband took the kids kayaked in pool,

My daughter sneaked out to the pool and almost gave her daddy a heart attack, my husband telecommuted from Texas, grandpa made smores with the kids (like the blurriness, the menfolk thought me taking my children away from the fire was more important the pictures for posterity),
 j and grandpa walked to get donuts, grammy drove us to get donuts, grammy took us to the zoo (for me),
 and to the aquarium (for J) and to the butterfly museum.

  I saw the chiropractor (what you don't visit the chiropractor on vacation?!), Brent and I went to the temple, my mom and I sewed, I took naps, we saw big metal cows (ok that is a horse and COWboy),
grammy made cookies with the kids, grandpa frosted the cookies with the kids.  Yes, a good time was had by all, and encase it wasn't we stopped by a volcano in the middle of no where on the way home that hasn't been active in about 6 million years (yes, I made those numbers up, but it sounds about like it.)
It is Capulin Volcano National Monument. My children usually participate in the Junior Ranger program, and get a nice gold plastic badge.  Well I just happened to ask the 6 year old if he liked hiking to the top, and because of that they got an extra patch!  Who would have thought, an mile and half walk constituted an extra patch!  Pretty lame if you ask me.  Americans you are lazy!  I don't get driving 6 hours out of the way from anywhere, to drive up look out on a scenic view then getting back in your car.  What?  Oh well, it means the trails are less busy for people like me. I guess all you who only drive in National Parks do pay your fees, and so it provides money to keep the parts I walk through kept up, so keep on driving and stopped, and turning back around.

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