Thursday, April 5, 2012


I spent 7 years living in Utah.  Every year but one, I spent at least part of Easter at my grandma's and grandpa's.  I debated asking my husband to take us to Utah for the Easter holiday.  I have not spent 6 out of 7 holidays with anyone other than my husband, since I graduated from high school other than Easter with my grandparents.  I like traditions, I like to know exactly what to expect.  I can't wait to celebrate Christmas in my house, but why would I ever want to spend Easter anywhere but in PG.  Its sad this tradition is over, part of it doesn't even seem like Easter without them.  Then of course my aunt would bring the bunny cake, in honor of Cyndie.  A delicacy I never partake of, since I can't stand coconut.  But seriously its not the same.  I'm a little sad.

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  1. No need for coconut! Peter hates coconut too, so I make a chocolate bunny with chocolate frosting.