Friday, April 27, 2012

Cold or Flu

I got sick this week, it was an awesome week to get sick because my husband was out of town for five days.  I caught it from my son so I knew exactly what to expect and how long it would last. Four days total, sore throat, and very tired and lethargic. When I woke up Monday morning with a sore throat, I knew exactly what as happening, I wasn't too thrilled. But then by Monday night, I felt so tired and achy. I had been feeling achy for over a day, but didn't realize it was from the virus, I thought it was because I was pregnant. I struggled sleeping my body was so achy.  Looking back I'm pretty sure we got a flu, but not a stomach flu.  I did have a runny nose, but I wasn't congested at all, or stuffed up.  Just a sore throat, headache, achy body, and extremely lethargic.  Sounds like the flu to me, but that is just because I don't get achy when I have a cold.
But a temperatures necessary for the flu?
But then after the flu past, I got a head cold, minus the cough.  All normal with whatever is going around.  But seriously not a fair illness both symptoms.
Who cares the point is, I was sick while my husband was out of town, it sucked!
But I'm a rock star, because I cooked my children dinner every night. Plus in case you forgot, I'm pregnant, so I'm a double rock star.
It actually wasn't a bad deal though, I didn't have time to miss my husband as a friend, I only had time to miss him as a caretaker.  I just wanted some to take care of my kids, not spend time to me.  So the week actually passed quickly since I didn't feel good enough to miss my husband's company.  (Except for the last two days.)  Plus hopefully now he won't catch.  The other positive is when I don't feel good and I'm sleeping poorly, I'm always worried to bother his sleep while sharing a bed with him, but I didn't have to worry about that this time.  The funny thing is I'm only worried about his sleep when I'm not sleeping well, when they kids aren't sleeping well, I have no problem with them bothering his sleep.

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