Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vacation #2

I should be cleaning my bathroom, but bathrooms will always get dirty again, no time like the present to blog about a vacation that happened a month ago.  Apparently the volcano was not enough fun, so we went on another vacation five days after the last.  This time we went to Kansas City to meet my brother's family.  It was you know eight hours out of the way, but Alisa no longer spends her summers in Park City, and I no longer live in Salt Lake, so I was willing to go the eight hours.  Plus my husband was game!
 We saw all the LDS Church History Sites in Western Missouri but a few guys graves.  I don't know if that is true, but all of them on the map but the graves.  Oddly enough Haun's Mill spoke to me, even though there is absolutely nothing there, except for a little sign.  Really NOTHING, not even a paved road, or a latrine. But David learned an important lesson, one that Jackson learned years ago, just because Uncle Brent is crazy enough to do something, does not mean you should or get to follow. Well I guess the lesson is slightly different, Jackson knows Uncle Brent is crazy, while David was confused on why he wasn't allowed to follow crazy Uncle Brent down into the muddy riverbank. And here is why, Uncle Brent owns his car, if he fell in, life would go on and he wouldn't cry or stress out his mother with his wet clothes.
 Then we drove to a town who had moved a stone from Haun's Mill and built a memorial in their city park.  Turns out I didn't rotate the picture so good luck reading it.  But maybe this is the reason I liked Haun's Mill, I appreciate this memorial a lot.  You can tell it was written by someone who doesn't attend the same church as me, but it was so respectful.
 We were gone for Easter weekend, and so before we left we had had a months worth of Family Home Evenings, trying to teach my three year old about the real meaning of Easter.  Each one turned J in a master scholar, but I still wasn't getting basic enough for my three year.  The Monday before I finally got it, and it totally clicked with her.  So then we when we said we were going to see Mary, she said and Jesus!  I tried to explain that Jesus would not be there, because we were seeing Mary our cousin, not Mary in the picture with Jesus, but she was confused, and convinced Jesus would be there.
But then guess what we found, Jesus! sort of, this is as close as we got to seeing him.
 We also went to the National World War I Museum.  This was my favorite picture, just imagine there are four cute faces looking at us.  The museum was of course haunting, World War I was scary stuff, its just the american education system seems to be so obsessed with Rwanda and World War II we never make it back to the Great War.
 The last but not least we saw the Kansas City Temple Open House.  It was lovely, and so different then the HUGE open houses we went to in Utah.  I makes me excited for Fort Collins Temple Open House, who is meeting us there!?!?!?
 Ahh, goofy fashion and pregnancy.  I swear half sweaters are fashionable, despite what my husband says. This sweater is practically new from Anthropologie.
Alisa's blog has a lot more pictures and info about the vacation if you are intrested.
and here

I'm just proud I mentioned it on my blog, too many pictures and uploading on my blog overwhelms me.  I never really been able to handle more than five.

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