Monday, February 6, 2012


Let me tell you about my daughter.  She is about as girly as all get out, she cares for baby dolls and stuff animals all day long.  She loves to put on high heels and carry around a purse.  Either a big purse or a sparkly one, it doesn't need to be both, but she prefers at least one.  She loves all things pink, she loves to dance. She loves to love people, she loves to love dolls, she has lots of love to give, through hugs and kisses.  But she banned skirts from her life a few weeks ago, pretty much since we got home from christmas.
She will wear jeans, but prefers leggings, or stretch yoga like pants, only pulling out the jeans when there are no other options.  Since she ban skirts from her life, getting dressed for church has not really been pleasant, and since we have to leave at 8:30, I want it be as pleasant as possible. Not to mention she gets up around 7:45-8. Bizarrely enough she wears princess dresses and tutus just not skirts.
Last week she threw a fit when she couldn't wear black leggings and t-shirt to church, we compromised with her Christmas outfit, which was a skirt and leggings.
Saturday night as I was falling asleep, I remember thinking, who cares if my daughter wears leggings to church, if it means no massive fits are thrown before church.  I think it might have been inspiration.  Sunday morning she woke up, got naked and walked in with a t-shirt and leggings.  I said we have to wear a dress its sunday we are going to church.  She cried no.  Calmly I helped her find a dress and matching leggings, instead of forcing her into a dress and tights while she kicked, screamed and yelled.  We closed the outfit up with frilly church socks and sparkly mary janes.  (I meant to take a picture but forgot)
Leggings are slightly controversial for church. As I told my husband all of this, he said why?  I said, because some people view them as pants.  Namely one would be my daughter.  But here is what I figure, if they are nice, no crazy patterns, no holes, straight leg, not flared, not sweat pants, no fleece pants, I'm ok with it.  I think leggings at church are a totally a compromise I'm willing to make if it means there is no 20 minute screaming fit in the morning.  I like to believe it is easier to have the spirit in our home and the spirit with us on the way to church without a screaming fit.  I'm totally willing to let her wear leggings for that, leggings do not distract from the spirit all to me, but screaming always does. Lets be honestly they are not leggings they are stretch pants.

As a.... something... I don't know the word.  A little 6 year old in my primary class told me, at the last minute she had to change her outfit because she wasn't suppose to wear legging to church.  Ahh, to each their own, it did not sway my opinion in the slightest.
Oh I should mention my daughter often picks out a sundresses/play dresses with legging. I don't think she sees play dresses as dresses or skirts, I think she sees them as tunic length shirts.  That is the only think I can figure out. That and Nan has some seriously sensory issues, or at least has in the past.

Also beyond Nan's temperamental attitude.  I'm sure my daughter who only wants to wear stretch pants and tshirts, never dresses, and play with baby dolls all day doesn't sound familiar at all to my mom.


  1. I see no problems with a little girl in leggings at all!

    Have I told you that church clothes are optional in my ward? Not kidding.

  2. Your approach sounds completely reasonable.