Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A (Long) Thought

We have two birthdays coming up, in an effort to be a fun mom we went to sam's for lunch, then drove the half a mile across the parking lot to the party store.
Let me tell you how the party store worked.
Me pushing a cart, we had lots of supplies to get, two birthdays remember.  So me pushing the cart as slow as I possibility could, pausing every section to be as slow as possible, and yet me still saying, J, N I'm leaving good bye, please hurry.
Or please put that down, we are not buying that.
Or I don't know what its for because we are not buying it.
Don't do that, it will break, we are not buying that.
My children seem to have an easier time if they are constantly reminded we are not buying that, if I don't say it, then they will ask and get their hopes crushed and be on the verge of tears.  If I constantly dash their hopes before they can grow, they can take it "like a real man".
As my children slowly followed behind me, but as fast as their little brains could possibly move them through THE PARTY STORE-- all that fun cheap crap waiting to be broken, all that brightly colored possibilities-- oh how could they possibly move fast.  That being said, I hate my party store, it is half the size of my old party stores in Salt Lake, and only has 2/3rds the stuff instead of half.  I hate it based on size, and the fact it doesn't have everything I'm use to finding in a party store.  Turns out I have a lot more in common with Utah's purchasing power, then I do here.  Who would have thought?! (Actually I knew I would miss my stores when I moved.)
My children were the only children in the party store, but it had quite a few adults for being 1:30 in the afternoon.
The adults had two responses ones of either pure disgust or completely ignorance that my children even existed.  I understand the last, and honestly I understand the first.  If I didn't have large small children (as in not babies, but still young) I would wonder what in the heck was wrong with me?  I never sounded pleased with them, and I seemly ignored what they did, asking them to hurry up every second. But honestly what else is a mother in my situation suppose to do?
I couldn't hold them in the cart, first off they would have killed themselves trying to get out, second they would have gotten to see nothing, thus been very frustrated.  As it was they had a joyous time, I'm sure waiting in anticipation for December, for when I forget the horrors of the party store and return for the next birthday. I couldn't lovely and pleasurably asked them to quickly hurry in a lovely Snow White voice, they would have never listen.  No, I'm sure I acted in the best possible way for the situation, and for my children know how to response.  How else do I keep them from walking into people, without saying, if you get in someone's way you can't have a (15 cent) treat.
Yes, without the fear of wrath in their hearts they would have gotten in every adults way, and wouldn't have even noticed, then the other adults really would have been annoyed at me.
Actually there was one adult, who looked nicer.  He worked there, and obviously loved a good party with riotous joy, which is why he worked there, not for his small paycheck.  One of my children did actually get in his way, at the joy of a huge candy aisle, I apologized.  He smiled at my oblivious child and said, no worries.
Actually I just realized the sad thing about this post.  If it wasn't for the completely annoyance of the other patrons and the completely ignorance of the other employees, I probably would have never noticed his kind gesture.  Shame on me.....

P.S. After spending $13 on gluten free, tree nut free candy, I told J he could only have a $10 pinata, party city actually had lame pinatas, even for $15.  We could get a bigger albeit more generic pinata at walmart for $9.99.  I told J we would get there.  He is having a wall-e party and there is nothing wall-e themed, for anything less than $25+ online.  Then I decided to listen to my husband, we are going to make a pinata that actually might go with the wall-e theme.  Really anything could work, since wall-e collects garbage, but yet, toy story, cowboys, and super man, didn't quite seem to fit with wall-e.  My son wants to make an old 50s fridge where the plant is originally found, while I think wall-e's cooler would be fairly easy.

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  1. We always make a pinata for Amys b-day. Then we spend all the money we would have spent on the pre-made one on candy to fill it! You are so creative and this should be so much fun to do! Sometimes we use balloons and sometimes we use cardboard to make the base for sculpting! The cooked goop is better then the uncooked flour water stuff. Good luck! Leave time for it to dry or stick it by the heating vent!