Friday, February 17, 2012

Post Script

It needs to be said, that I'm not annoyed at my husband or at anyone.  I'm just tired and annoyed at the situation.  My husband tried his very best to be very helpful and around during the little bit of time he had around us.  Not only that is he did listen to be complain all about the party when I knew he was extremely exhausted.  At 10 pm last night, be blew up a bunch of balloons for me.  Now if someone would only come hang streamers, I'm sure the party would be fine without streamers, but I bought them, and I'm definitely not going to store them, so I need to use them!  Plus my son will think its fantastic.  One of these years, streamers will not make an appearance.  But until I wise up, you know what I'll be doing after lunch.
I just have streamers, make pudding cups, and clean my kitchen, I can do this!

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