Monday, February 20, 2012


I love this quote, I get so annoyed when people don't eat dessert.
I married a man who isn't much of a dessert person, he does eat it, but not much and not often, its just weird.  Give him a bag of laffy taffy or something equally gross, and he will eat until he claims he has cavities.
I've accepted all this, I can't change my husband, but the real problem comes in is I had a baby with him and the child is the same way.
I stopped making my son cupcakes because he only eats a half.
When I do make cupcakes, he says, can I have a piece of candy? SERIOUSLY?!
So the past two years I made him a giant cookie pie, he still only eats one piece.
Over christmas he has some Jello Chocolate Pudding Pie, he told me it was so yummy, so I made pudding cups for his birthday, he never finished an entire one.
Five days after the cookie pie, he asks if there is more cookie because I'm eating a pudding cup.  I said no, (threw it away no one was eating it, and there was no way to REALLY cover it).  He looked like he was on the verge of tears. I thought come on!  I told him we could make cookies this week, he said how about a giant cookie pie?  I said you didn't eat it.  He said the crust was crunchy but I liked the rest.
I still thought come on! He didn't like the rest, he never picked at it again, it stayed on the table for over a day.

This is what drives me crazy with my boys, they tell me they like a dessert, so a few months later on a special occasion for them, I make it, yeah, I didn't really like it that much.

That being said, they like sugar sweets, so I'll keep them.  I really despise people who don't eat anything sweet.  Although I'm sure I come off like that sometimes, I love love love dessert, but only certain kinds, and sugar easily makes me sick sick sick, so I have to be careful with how much I consume, I often refrain at a public event because its not my favorite dessert. Then  go home and eat a big bowl of ice cream, or the cupcakes I made. Plus I'm like my son if it has nuts or peanut butter in the dessert, I won't touch it.
I think we have something fundamentally wrong with us, we are both unable to swallow most nuts, we just keep chewing and chewing in hopes to find a napkin or trash can.  I actually awkwardly swallow, wondering how to get it all down my neck, but I've watched my son spit them out, thinking yes, that is what I want to do. Literally it takes me so long to swallow them, they just don't go down.
Same with coconut flakes, it really takes me over a half an hour to get all the stupid flakes out of my mouth, now matter how much I swallow, they don't go down. Seriously fundamentally wrong with me.

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