Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wildest Dreams

Today at the end of church my husband told me my wildest dreams were coming true.  Now I will tell you after having a fantastic husband, have two beautiful, smart, and charming children and living in a wonderful area, my dreams have gotten a little superficial. My new dreams are paying for a new family car this summer, getting new countertops, and getting a swing set.  Well some friends of ours just sold their house, and asked if we wanted their swing set.  Brent said, yes, actually my wife has been begging to buy one.  
Here it is, we are all so excited!
 I know moving a swing set might not be the most worthy Sabbath activity, but it has to be gone by Wednesday, Tuesday is a snow storm, and Brent works late on Mondays.
 Isn't fantastic!

In all seriousness I have had my bucket overflowing with blessings lately. 
Two days after Brent got his yearly bonus we found out we were going to be able to buy a whole beef.  What a blessing to get so much quality food, and not have to pay for it out of our monthly budget, not to mention I can only imagine how much money we saved off retail value.
The swing set obviously, and many many other seemly minor things, that have actually been really big things to me.

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