Sunday, February 26, 2012

Instant Care Saturday

After lunch Saturday afternoon my daughter decided to trip walking out to the garage, we heard screaming and we turned around, to a child covered in blood, she had blood literally all over her face.  Once my husband cleaned her up it turned out she had a little hole about two millimeters in diameter, on her forehead.  It was very small, but since it was a head wound it just kept bleeding.
We got her cleaned up, except for the blood in her hair, and fed her some ice cream, while starting Pocahontas.  Ten minutes into the movie we decided to take her into instant care to be on the safe side of things.  Plus we had a church function that night, that Brent needed to attend so we figure better go sooner than later since it was going to take at least three hours.
Well it didn't seem to ever completely stop bleeding so at least I was glad we took her in. Not to mention I really didn't want her forehead to get infected. They put something on to get it to finally stop bleeding, and then glued her up.
We stopped by the store to buy popsicles and princess bandaids. Then washed the blood out of her hair, and went to the Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet.  Can I just tell you I was tired before church even started today, and we ran out of time to vacuum the carpet yesterday.
Here is the dog they gave her at Instant Care, that is her new best friend after the bonding they shared in the traumatic situation of getting your head wound cleaned out and glued up.
The saddest part/ funnest part of the day was she had to go potty twice while at Instant Care since we were there for so long, everytime I made her wash her hands in the sink she could see her wound/bandaid cover in blood, and would freak out all over again, screaming hysterically.

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