Tuesday, January 31, 2012


You know how how I've been reading home decorating blogs?  One of the things I keep coming across is how gold brass fixtures are bad.  I will be 100% honest, I would love to have the black bronze door handles in my house, but I'm not spending that money any time in the next decade.  Sure people spray paint them, but my husband would kill me.  Anyway, so yes I like that.  And yes, I'm grateful almost every day I have no brass (gold colored) light fixtures in my house.  In fact I spray painted to get rid of the two toned brass light fixture.  But all things in house go in and out of style, and I've seen extremely trendy houses, to more traditional and classic houses.  I'm 100% sure gold brass door handles are classic, they might not be popular right now, but you will always be able to buy the finish at the store.  What is not classic, is the trendy colors right now. Trendy and classic are never the same.
Here is a story I remember, witnessing,
  When my parents bought their house almost 20 years ago all their bath fixtures were done in antique bronze color that was trendy at the time.  Well 8-10 years later when they started to wear out antique bronze was out, my father could not buy that finish anywhere.  So then either we had two tone bathrooms, or my dad replaced all fixtures.  Well guess what I just saw on a home blog?  Antique bronze light fixture! Its now called distressed/antique brass.  Remember its good brass, while my gold brass is bad.
I'm sticking with my bad gold brass, because well I'm positive it will always be for sale, and its cheaper than trying to replace it.  But the first few months we lived here, I thought if dream upon dreams what type of door handles will I get?  Well normally I like anything with a silver finish whether it stainless steel, nickle, chrome what not, but I don't actually want door handles like that, its too industrial looking for me.  Like I said I like the black brass, but I'm not convince it will be in style in 5 years then I stuck with $200 worth of door handles everyone thinks is ugly, is so early 10s.  So I'll stick with my gold brass, it might not be trendy right now, but I'm pretty sure no one really notices it one way or another.  While other home things are definitively noticeable, like my carpet.

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  1. Brass is classic. Brushed nickel is looking soooo dated to me.