Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rocking this Week

This week is one of the most stressful weeks of my whole year.  But so far this year I'm rocking it.
J wanted to give his dad a surprise birthday, so we did it a day early and invited a family of friends over. (Tuesday Brent had scouts so it wouldn't have worked.) I've never made him a birthday cake, always a pie, but this year, I wanted a cake since it was the big 3-0.  I think it turned out great, was beautiful and SO tasty.
 The surprise party almost worked, we had fun with friends, and so that is what matters.
 Next day Valentine's Day.  By the way for me it is physically impossible to celebrate Brent's birthday and Valentines Day on the same day, normally valentine's day gets booted to a different day but this year, his birthday was moved up. My kids woke up early, so I started the day with valentine heart pancakes with homemade whipped cream (left over from the cake) and valentine's sprinkles.
Then I dropped off my kindergartner, then dropped off my three year old at a friends, then went back to the school, for the Kindie Valentine party, that I was co-hosting.  My son and a different child both told me this was the best party all year.  I agreed, I remember thinking the Valentine party at school was better than Halloween or Christmas.  I actually think most of the kids agreed, kindergarten is still so innocent at least half day where all the kids have stay at home moms, they all still like each other, and love and appreciated each mandatory valentine they received.
That afternoon I finished my children's homemade valentine presents.  I have no idea why I make them homemade valentine presents but I do.  I told my husband I was going to quit this year, but then I didn't.  He said of course you didn't, you never will.  Its probably true, but he isn't trying to guilt me into it, he couldn't care less if the kids get homemade valentine presents.

This morning, I woke up with vim and vigor knowing I'm rocking this week.  I can do it, and I'm not even getting stressed or overly tired, more than normal that is.  I told my husband 11 o'clock is not a decent bedtime for us. Plus I have cooked dinner every night since last Saturday.

Now today I have 56 or so chocolate chip cookies to make, and then stuff them with store bought filling for the birthday boy's class tomorrow. And make a giant cookie for his birthday.  I can do it, while the kids are both in school.
The only thing I'm not rocking, is Valentine cookies, I had Brent help us cut out the sugar cookies sunday night, and they still don't have frosting on them.... blah for me.  By Brent helping, it meant him completely taking over while I sat there taking pictures of the three of them, completely relieved that I asked Brent for help.  Wondering how I could ever live without him and thanking the heavens that I married a man who has a crafty mother so he knows how to take over.

Thursday I have another hour or so spent at school for the birthday cookies and 100 day.  (By the way my husband didn't know what 100 day was? Whats up with that?) Then I need to get ready for the friend party on Friday night.  Luckily Brent helped me with the pinata last saturday.  I can totally do this!  Saturday I think I'm checking in somewhere, sleeping for a week.  But seriously who will clean the bathrooms?
Did I mention my children have a 5 day weekend coming up.  Who does that?  Five day weekend?

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