Friday, February 17, 2012

His Schedule

You already heard about how I was rocking my week, all the other deadlines have been met.  Chocolate Chip Sandwich cookies made for birthday in class. Beard drawn on for 100 day, Etc etc, all that is left is be ready for the birthday party tonight.  I even finished my valentine cookies a day late.
But let me tell you about my husband's schedule this week, he has been equally busy, not to my liking.  Fifty-one weeks ago, we came out to look at houses, and decided to buy the one we now live in.  The reason we came out is because Brent was already out for a managers conference.  This year the conference was a week earlier, and he didn't travel out of town because we live here.  The problem is it was like a business trip and I didn't realize this until the week was almost over. In some ways it was worse, because I didn't realize we wouldn't see him, but I guess I should be grateful we saw him even a little.
He is what my husband has been up to, after his 40 hour week.
Monday night we had his surprise party.  He actually asked if we could celebrate my son's birthday on monday since he knew I was not happy about the conference schedule.  I said it was too soon, I clearly couldn't tell him we were celebrating his that night.
Tuesday night, he came home for dinner, then went to Scouts.  It is one of his last weeks doing it, he is now in the Elder's Quorum Presidency.
Wednesday night, Brent said it was probably our best bet for celebrating J's birthday a day early, but it seemed to be a theme for the year.  Brent had a dinner he had to attend, so we went to McDees with a coupon for J's perfect attendance. Then Brent made it home by about 7:20, and the kids of course attacked him and wrestled with him for a while.  I'm sure they are feeling neglect with dad time, since he was on a business trip last week.  We opened presents and had a giant cookie for desert. The kids were only in bed an hour late, not too bad, I should be grateful we saw him this week.
Now J's birthday was on Thursday, and he was a little upset his dad wasn't around I could tell, but he took it like a mild boy, and completely ignored it. (Its also not the first year, he had class last year on the birthdays.)  Brent came home for about 30 minutes at 5, to see the kids, plus he had time to kill and he lives about 12 minutes from work.  Then he went back to conference events, the kids and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, in an attempt not to make my son's birthday too lame.  Once again we had another perfect attendance coupon.  At the end of dinner, I sort of felt guilty my kids eat in a Restaurant twice in two days, but they had a blast! I looked at the menu before I went, so ordered immediately. Sure we were there for an hour and half, but not because the food was slow, because my children are eternally slow eaters.  J got an ice cream for his birthday, and that took another half an hour to eat, among the both of them.
By Thursday night at 9, I almost had a huge meltdown, but my husband still wasn't home, so that would have been pointless.  I couldn't believe I had to throw a birthday party in less than 24 hours, and my husband had not been home for more than a hour other than to sleep since his birthday party.  But I got to work, and made a lot of progress before he got home.  He wanted to tell me all about the conference, while I wanted to complain. Luckily he helped me make the pinata last Saturday.
Now we are slowly working on getting ready for the party, I'm making my son clean because its his party, which is obviously slow going since he is 6.  Of course I'm not vacuuming before a bunch of 6 years olds come over, but we'll have enough chaos without toys everywhere.
Brent should get home as the party guests are arriving.  The whole reason we are having a friday night party is so my husband could help me... (he worked a saturday or two, and there was talk of that going on indefinitely.  That is now off the board, but not before I scheduled the party.)
Anyway, none of this his fault, I just expected more help this week.
Plus it doesn't take much for me to be annoyed at "the company", and its lack of family first. Actually I'm not even looking for family first, I just want an acknowledgement that family is important, and we spend time with them.  Which I'm sure will never happen.
Now you are probably thinking she sounds bitter, and some of you are probably considering calling me on Monday to make sure I survived.  But I'm not bitter, I'm just exhausted.  I was not expect back to back "business trips," especially on my busiest week of the year, other than December, but I guess that is a month.

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