Sunday, February 12, 2012


Over Christmas I mentioned to Teresa that all the ABC comedies make me think about going blond. (Modern Family, Man Up) The husbands have almost black hair, like my husband, and the wives are blond, which made me wonder if I was missing something.  When Teresa heard this, she jumped for joy as she said lets do it!  I said ok... and next thing we knew I was blond. I was expecting a few highlights, Teresa had other ideas.
 I do realize that photo is out of focus, to name just one of its problems, but it is my only close up. 
A few weeks before we bleached my hair my daughter hugged me when I had wet hair.  I asked her if my hair was yucky, referring to the cold sliminess, she said yes, I only like yellow hair like mine, and then ditched me to admire her beauty in the mirror.  I thought well ok! So once my hair was finished I thought my daughter would love it.  At first she was mad she wasn't the only blond in the family, but a few days later she let me in. 
 My husband didn't care one way or another what color my hair was, but he did tell me he liked when Teresa curled my hair.  Nan loved when Teresa curled her hair.  I guess I should invest my $20 in the curling iron Teresa told me to get, so I can practice so one day Nan and I can have curly hair.  I need a lot of practice!
When I linked up the shows, I realized my husband doesn't identify in the slightest with the doffus husband's in these comedies. (Although he does think they are funny shows.)  So why would he have cared all those months I asked him if I should go blonde.

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