Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Missed it

I wanted to post on the year anniversary of when we put an offer on our house. I missed it by two weekends, we came out here the last week in February. Phew, Februaries are a whirlwind in our family.  It has been a long year in a way, and in a year I can't believe all that has happened and all that we have done.
That weekend was so monumental for us, that we considered celebrating our last weekend without kids, by staying some where over night without our kids. Have I ever mentioned we have great friends here?  I feel like I know multiple families we could ask. Oh yes, I have mentioned we have great friends.
Anyway, its been a long road this last year, we had to jump through hoops for the bank to let us buy the house, buying from a bank instead of a person is a nightmare.  We had to end our lease on our apartment.  Brent had to go back and finish school.  We have almost finished painting the interior, I really think we can finish before we have lived here a year.  Brent wired the whole house, with CAT something cables, that was a nightmare.  We have a beautiful master bath, now to find a the money to fix the other bathroom.  Its been a long road.
In the beginning even though I loved the neighborhood I wasn't happy about buying the house, I wasn't ready to be an adult, for the responsibility, or for the investment. But months after we repainted most of the house, I finally grew into the decision and realize what a blessing it is.  I needed some months to forget the dirty blank slate we bought.  Now, I want to live here for a very long time, so I can fulfill all the potential I see in the house.

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