Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Romance is not Dead

Brent and I spent a lot of our courtship chatting online.  I say courtship to sound really old, no in actuality, we spent the whole school year chatting online for hours each day with each other before we ever started dating.  Back in the days of us both telling the other I don't want to date you.  I guess when you spend 3+ hours a day talking to a member of the opposite sex who agrees with your political views, and who you discuss future parenting methods with, such as to homeschool or not to homeschool, you need to specify that you are not dating. 
But then we did start dating, and we did our homework together, and we chatting online together while we sat next to each other, him on his desktop me on my laptop not talking in person because well who doesn't think chatting online while sitting really close isn't romantic?!
But to get to the point, since he is an IT guy we still chat online usually daily.   I want to prove the romance is not dead.  Here is an excerpt of our conversation.

 Brent:  will you do me a favor?
 me:  what?
 Brent:  go to ipchicken.com and tell me the ip address?
 me:  __.___.___.____
 Brent:  it changed when I unplugged the dsl modem so I can't access it anymore
 me:  I thought you were going to ask me to be amazing, and I was going to say done
 Sent at 2:46 PM on Tuesday
 Brent:  I knew that I didn't need to ask you that
I already knew you were amazing
 Sent at 2:48 PM on Tuesday
 Brent:  but you should feel pretty proud, I wouldn't just ask any woman to go to ipchicken.com for me

Ah yes, is that isn't romantic than shoot me now, because I might make the barfing gagging noise you make in middle school if he tries anything more romantic than that.

One last thought, 10 bucks says I get in trouble for this post, but not for the reasons most of you think.  Since I already know why I'm getting in trouble, I'll really get in trouble.

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