Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have looked a few design blogs over the course of the day.  I actually have looked at quite a few which I wonder how I even had time between, getting ready for kindergarten, drop off, grocery shopping, library time, pick up, play dates, lunch, cleaning my house, watching dora (yes I watched 15 minutes of dora, and got in a 5 minute nap), trying to back and ruining mini cheesecakes, I've glanced at a lot of redos. (If I cook dinner and fold the laundry before bed, it will be a successful day.)
As I look at more and more, I think number one problem, I need to get rid of some stuff.  My children have fairly cute rooms, but good luck noticing it under all their clutter.  My son has a desperate need for stuff pilled everywhere.  While my daughter apparently wants her room to look like a baby nursery that a tornado hit.
Plus as anyone who tries to clean with children knows "housekeeping is like stringing beads without a knot in the end". I cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom it was spotless nothing was out of place, two hours later... well that is a different story. Cleaning is overwhelming me right now.  I have this desire not to buy my children toys until December.  My son's birthday is all bought and paid for, so we could totally wait for December.  Normally we get toys on Easter, but I want a swing set.  Hmmm.... do I have the self-control not to buy a doll or a box of leogs?  The last thing either of my children needs is more. Plus if I didn't waste money on toys, then we could buy more books, every child needs more books!

p.s. I know most of those design blogs of their diy project redos only look like that for the pictures, or they just don't have stuff.

One last thing, ever since we started kindergarten I keep thinking about my poor little new mother self six years ago.  How things of changed, I don't think I could have ever fathomed doing so much each day as a stay at home mom, 5 years ago.  (I never had time to think about anything of the sort until I graduated from college and became a stay at home mom.)

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  1. I like this blog a bunch! I totally agree- there is no way houses look like those design ones all the time...I am the master of angled photography- angled away from the mess in sight ;)