Sunday, January 15, 2012


In church my son attends his sunday school class with a girl that is about four inches taller than the next kid.  Apparently my son's 19 year old teacher told them, that one day he would be taller than this girl.  He proudly told me this, I guess I could have left it at that.  But instead I crashed his dreams, played the realist in me.  Its who I am, I have a hard time turning it off.  I told him, maybe not, her mom is taller than your dad.  This little girl's dad is probably 6'6" while I guess the mom is a good 6'.  So yeah, sorry to burst your bubble child of mine, but odds are no, you won't be taller than her, neither of your parents thankfully hit 6 feet.  Your parents are taller than average but not in our church. I'm pretty sure the average height of an adult male who is mormon in america is a good four inches taller than the average male in america.

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