Monday, January 30, 2012

Home Remodels

I've recently been wasting my time on pinterest and blogs looking at home remodels, and room re-decoration. I'm not quite sure.  Some are fascinating, and some drive me crazy.
I have no idea why I'm wasting so much time other than its the illusive forbidden fruit.
We spent the last six months draining all our extra cash into our new house! Wahoo, right.  Well most home improvement projects will be put on the back burner for at least six months if not longer, because we are now saving our money to upgrade the family car.  There is always something right?  This all being said, I'm not really complaining this are all blessings right?!  Heck yeah.  Oh course an unlimited budget would be nice.... but overall one of the things I enjoy about adulthood is planning out the money with my husband, and figuring out what we need to save, for what needs/wants will come up in our lives. Realizing just how much money we have with a little bit of self-control.  One of things I do not enjoy is sticking to the budget.
So if we are not upgrading the kitchen, I should stare at beautiful brand new kitchens right?
Probably not.  We were planning to get new counter tops this spring, and maybe a new range.  I had been talking to many people about the pro cons of cook top verse gas.  I had all settled on gas, when we decided it would make much more financial sense if we put off the kitchen update a year. For one if we play our cards right and are obedient in our rules it will double our budget.

Anyway, things I need to finish around the house, ie things that shouldn't cost money things that just need to be finished:
We have paint waiting for us to paint two last rooms, my goal is to do it on Saturday during February.  They are small rooms.
Organize my laundry half of room
Sew the valance for the window in the laundry half of room
Hang curtains sitting in our closet over our windows
Clean my daughter's closet

What I could get done in the six months, ie all things that should cost less than $100 total:
finish our hutch
hang storage in the guest bath
Paint the front door
paint scripture power... in j's room
Brent needs to organize the camping closet
start the fixing of mop boards

What I want to do, but I'm sure I won't:
Refinish our dressers in our room (i desperately want to do this, but I know it will be a huge task, so I'm researching it a lot, that's probably why I spend so much time on home improvement blogs, then I get distracted on the rest of the house. I can't just spray paint it, or Brent would have a cow, it has to be a finishing job that won't chip.)
Find a used chandelier and repainted it for Nan's room. (i don't want to spend much money)
Do something for our lack of headboard- probably don't care until I refinish the dressers
Repaint our dining room chairs -  should be easy after dressers, but I will be worn out
get new stools for our bar
get a new bedspread/down blanket

Our hopes:
remodel the kitchen-- new counters, new range, new sink
new carpet in the front room
remodel the water damaged kids bathroom
travel internationally
paint the exterior (mine, not Brent's)
buy a $20 2-pack of ceiling light fixtures, and change the light in my closet, and laundry room (once again mine not brent)
finish our fence probably next spring not this year

our dreams:
add more lights to our kitchen, would have to add wiring (mine)
put a fan and light combo in our living room-- it has no wiring in the center of the ceiling
repaint the ceiling on the main floor, its atrocious looking
expand our patio
expand our front porch
buy brent a truck or suv
refinish our kitchen cabinets
     but does that open a pandora's box? our cabinets, our modeling and doors are all the same color
new carpet in the rest of the house
finish landscaping our yard
Dry wall our garage

If we ever finish this list, I think we will either move or start over.  But knowing Brent he will buy a new house, rent this one out before we finish.
That is part of my question in life, Brent is a restless soul when it comes to living quarters he can not sit still for long, he is always looking into other properties.  Just how much time do we have here?  What is the most important to do, what is best for rental value or resale value?  What is worth it, because it is furniture that can be moved? What should we just do because we really want it that way?
Although of course there is other stuff that is not on the list, I'm sure one day we will need a bunk bed, sooner or later I will want new living room furniture, and our hot water heater is set to die any day now, which is part of the reason we aren't getting new counters.

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