Tuesday, January 17, 2012


For MLK day we painted our Master room, I was so excited when my husband suggested it, I had been waiting months, picking out the most perfect gray I could find.  Then dream upon dreams, they are discounting the line so our paint was half off, it only cost $26 to buy two gallons of Martha Stewart Paint.  The price was so good, we also bought paint for my daughter's room.  Unfortunately her room is still going to be pink, its just will be painted better and won't drive me crazy and won't have hole in the wall.  Literally she had a hole the three inches in diameter until I patched it.  Back to my Master bedroom, I love it so much now that is painted, every time we paint another room I love my house that much more.
Thanks to pinterest my gratitude has been a little greater lately.  You see different crafts that say, "What if you woke up today with only what you thanked God for yesterday" multiple times and it starts to click in your brain, and your prayers get a little longer.  Well one of the very frivolous blessings I realized a little while ago was how well my furniture matches. We are quite frugal, and the only furniture we have ever bought new was our mattresses, but not even our crib mattress it was a handme down.  We also bought a broken bookcase new.  Actually we have bought two computer desks over the years that have both been cheap.  The only furniture we have ever bought new and spent more than a $100 on is our mattresses, but I can't even say beds, because we don't have fancy bed frames, we only have metal bed frames, and we have only bought one of those, the other two Brent's parents found for us.
So frugal, or cheap depending on who phrases it, or really smart and independent, since we have never had a furniture loan, or actually any loan other than our mortgage.  I'm sure we could have bought furniture new at some point, but instead we sent my husband to college twice he now has two more stinking years of school then me. I jealous all the time, that he has a master's degree and I do not. (Maybe I should get one, online, who cares if its a lowly master's degree, I would have one, that's the point, we would be equal again. I can't have my husband thinking he's smarter than me!) I'm off topic though, I care a great deal about how our house looks.  I clean it so it looks nice, I make crafts so it looks nice (at least in Brent and I's opinion.)  I'm very superficial and have a nice home is very important to me. I don't need an expensive home or expensive furniture, but I need a nice and comely one.  I don't need a trendy home with all the latests fashions, but I need a nice one.  So here is where my blessing comes in, we have gone through a multitude of used couches over the years, and before you say we should have saved all that and just bought new one, you are wrong.  The combined total of the couches in our current house is $60.  Years ago we bought two couches for something like a $130, then sold them two years later because we were downsizing for $75, we have never spend anywhere near the price of a couch, I don't even know if IKEA couches are that cheap, but they definitely wouldn't last 5 years if we would have only spend $100, and it would have only been one couch, not five. So when you walk in my house, you might not like my style, but I'm proud of what it looks like, I've been very blessed all of the furniture in my living room matches quite nicely to my liking, and I feel like it is very neat and comely, even if my couches are super old, they match quite nicely with everything else, and they do have clean (modern maybe) slip covers on.
Not to mention I've had a few complements the first time someone stops by the house on how cute my house is.  I like people here, well females here, they tell me how cute everything I do is.

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