Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Post before I download Texas christmas from my camera

One of my favorite parts of the holidays with kids is how the arrange nativities.  Of course I arrange them properly and then wonder who keeps messing it all up.  But then I notice its always arranged in the same way.  All the Mary's in one pile, all the Joseph's in another pile, then the babies together. 
I forgot to the document the last shot I wanted, a few days later my son added another nativity into the mix with everyone forming a circle around the baby.  Sure its not how an adult would do it, but I thought it was so sweet, and much more realistic
At my mom's there was a nativity that my niece could reach, but wasn't actually suppose to play with.  It was very cute, because she turned around the wisemen so they were facing the baby.

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  1. David and Mary do this too! (I think all kids do.) It sort of drive me nuts--but whenever I stop and look at it, I can always see how their arrangement makes more sense. Sometimes we adults just don't know what's important!