Saturday, January 28, 2012


I also hate dishes, but unlike laundry dishes do sleep.  You go to bed with a clean sink, you wake up with a clean sink.  Unlike laundry, pajamas become stale, sheets need washing.  You do the dishes before you leave town and come back with clean dishes, unlike laundry you get a larger pile than normal.
I really hate dishes.
A few months ago, I was telling a story to some people, and I said, our apartment (before I got married) always had dirty dishes.  My husband smirked/made a quiet laughing noise.  I looked over at him, he was smiling, all of sudden I realize somethings never change.  Our house has dirty dishes for half the day, I usually do dishes once a day, I know pathetic, but that is the way I roll.
This all being said, I would so much rather do laundry than dishes, I think dishes are my least favorite chore.  I don't mind laundry it just overwhelms me because there is always so much.

When Brent was single he had one load of laundry a week (whites and colors mixed), that he did every Saturday.  If I remember correctly he only dyed his white shirts blue once....
Once we got married we had two loads of laundry every week, whites and colors, that we did every Saturday.
Once we had a child, we had three loads of laundry every week, a load of whites, lights, and colors.
Then we had a second child, and I had a load of laundry every day.  Everything spiraled out of control, with our second.  Our easy to maintain life, quickly jumped out the window, the minute her colic started. People say two is easy wait until you have three, I'm pretty sure that well meaning annoying phrase uttered by everyone is the reason my husband wasn't as quick to suggest a third child like he was the first or second.
This all being said, I didn't give up hope, I chose to ignore all the well meaning annoying people.  I chose to have hope in the few occasional people I met who said she sounds like our second child.  We nearly gave up after our second, but nothing has been as hard as 2.
My husband would contradict all of this, but yet he still hasn't suggest a third.  Two years ago when I said should we have another, he asked me if I was crazy?  Probably, which is why our daughter is 3 and still the youngest.
This all being said, I'm extremely off topic from the dishes.
But I should follow up with we love our daughter a whole ton, girls are so different then boys.  She dances all day, and loves unconditionally.  She does everything full throttle, which is why she was such a challenging baby and toddler.  Now that she is three, we are making progress, the hope burns brighter almost each day. One day I fully believe she will be a completely pleasant person.  Maybe she already there, everyone tells me how sweet she is, but at home she can still throw a wicked tantrum.  She is also has stubborn has all get out, but as my sister pointed out me, isn't everyone stubborn in their own way?  I don't really see her growing out of her stubbornness anytime soon, I think it is part of who she is, who she has always been, she was born with knowing she had agency, and knowing she did not have to choose what I place before her. That all being said, I'm not opposed to letting her know agency comes with consequences whether good or bad.
Dishes, though, I don't do dishes that often, I sweep two to three times a day, and do dishes once, go figure. Well there are probably plenty of times I do them twice a day. I hate dishes, let the consequences fall how they may. Luckily my son unloads over half the dishwasher every day.  Five year olds are awesome!

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