Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not a coincidence

I don't want to forget this so I'm blogging now.
I remember being taught by I have no idea that, events of spiritual nature are not a coincidence.
Today in church they announced there was a Stake Priesthood meeting at 7 pm tonight.  I leaned over to my husband and said did you hear that?  He said what? I pointed to the program where it was written. In my mind I thought have him enter it in his phone so he doesn't forget.  Ignored it in order to be "more reverent" thinking I would remind him later.
Well yeah we totally forgot, he had just sat down for dinner, when his phone rang.  Part of me thought, should we have a no phone rule at dinner, luckily we didn't have that rule tonight.  It was a friend calling asking him if he wanted a ride together.  My husband said oh I totally forget, but yes I'll be ready.  The minute he sat down, I thought oh so so and is about to call.  Not more than a minute later, his other friend called, he asked Brent do you have a second to talk?  Brent asked if he has remembered about Priesthood meeting, and if he wanted to come.  He told his second friend, get dress and meet here.  
When he got off the phone, I knew two phones calls in ten minutes were not a coincidence. I had the overwhelming feeling of gratitude for friend 1 that he call Brent. I also knew that the Lord wanted my husband and friend 2 at that meeting tonight.  Occasionally we forget, or life happens and we miss meetings, but life seemly goes on.  Other times we need to be a certain things, and the Lord cares deeply about the one.

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