Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We moved, and I wouldn't have survived without our family.  My mom spent two days packing my apartment, and Brent's family was a lifesaver.  Two of my sister in law's pretty much cleaned my whole apartment (other then the kitchen that I previously cleaned), and Brent's brothers have also been lifesavers.  One spent most of the day packing the truck with Brent, and another one, came out with us, and is remodeling our house three times as fast as we could. 
Our house looks way better with furniture in it.  Even if our furniture is used and old. 
I love our house, even if we are bleeding money to Lowe's and Home Depot.
Project #1 (still under progress) fix the Master Bath, the linoleum had a big hole and the vanity was hideous.  Tonight we decided to spurge and get Brent the bathroom of his dreams for a small 5'x7' space. We already had the tile and a new vanity, but tonight we bought a new shower and what he really wanted, two shower heads.
Project #2 (still under progress) Paint the basement, all the rooms need to be painted, but we wanted to paint the basement before we hung our flatscreen, so the room is about half painted. But the TV is up.
Project #3-- Completed-- rip the carpet out of the dining room, and put pergo down.  Brent didn't want to buy poor quality laminate flooring, so we spent more than some would.  But I love it, is beautiful. I wish we would have had an extra $1,000 to put it in the kitchen too, but not really, because I like the tile in our kitchen and as Brent's brother- Darren pointed out the laminate tile is better quality.  The previous owner spent $5 a sq ft on laminate tile.  Which seems a little weird to me. (Its not a formal dining room, its the eat all the meals room.)
After that, hopefully the fence gets finished, and other than that we just are going to paint the walls of the house. 
Oh and we got a new fridge, because we didn't have one, its fantastic.
I wish we had $2500 to get a new stove, and dishwasher and change the counters.  Tile counter-tops are huge here, everyone has them.  But Brent and I hate ours, and plan to replace with laminate counter tops, which lots of people look at me funny about, but I think they are way nicer than the tile we have, and a 5th of the price of granite.
Ever night when I pray, I am thankful for the new adventure of the house with my family.  And pray that my car doesn't break down.  Its having a lot issues, and I'm really hoping not to have a carpayment. 
Wow, I wrote a lot, I was just going to say, we are alive and well, and maybe I'll post a picture in a month.
Oh, and I'm about 60% done unpacking.  Maybe a little more. 

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  1. We need pictures! I'm so excited for you. I wish we had done a bunch of repairs before we started living in our new home but I guess being out of debt and dirt poor was how it was going to be for a while.