Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A very bloody shopping trip

After dropping Uncle Darron off at the airport I thought we would stop by Ikea, see if any of their cheap furniture was worth not having to shop around at garage sales.  But it turns out, its still under construction, I thought they would have had a sign saying coming soon, but apparently everyone else knew it wasn't open.
So since we were already off the highway we stopped in Ross to see if I could find any fantastic toy bins. The kids both wanted to sit in the cart.  Nan quickly got out but J stayed in.  When he touch the baby seat portion it hit him in the forehead, he started literally started screaming.  So I turned him around, so he would sitting against the baby seat, closed.  Well unfortunately a few minutes later he scooted forward in the cart, and I accidentally hit the baby seat open.  Which then smacked J in the back of the head.  After two blows to the head, his poor nose couldn't handle the dry climate and high altitude. It started to bleed, luckily I had baby wipes.  Then it really started to bleed, profusely, by the time we made it to the bathroom, we had a huge handful of wipes under his nose all soaked through with blood, and blood dripping down his clothes.  He was the sorriest looking kid you have ever seen in Ross.  And that is saying something, because its Ross. We stood in the bathroom for about 10 minutes with toilet paper, trying to get his gushing nose to stop. Literally gushing, we are use to bloody noses, but not normally gushing! Once we did get it to stop we quickly left, but not before he screamed every ten steps its bleeding again. Mind you he is clothes are still covered in blood. But by far the best time, was when he started screaming so I handed him a wipe, for him then proceed to spit up A LOT of bloody mucus. Once in the car I got him a box of kleenexs, but he wanted the baby wipes.  I don't know how long it slowly bled, but he held baby wipes up to his nose for half the 45 minute car ride home.
It was a great day.  I'm so excited school is out for the summer, so I always get to take two children to the store.  I love shopping with my five year. Oh wait I don't he is a terrible shopper.  He cries more than the two year old when we are in the store because I won't buy him toys.
And to think I was thinking about going to the fabric store tomorrow, to buy material to cover my three ugly living room couch cushions that don't fit under the slip covers.

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  1. That would be an adventure!
    Our pediatrician prescribed a cream for my little girl to stick a dab up her nose when she has super duper bloody noses 3-4 times a day. It stops the bloody nose. Dr. said EMT's have use this. It is called Mupirocin 2%. If it doesn't get better or is frequently bloody you might want to ask his doctor for some. It works great.